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Luke Rodgers Petition

9 Mar

Luke Rodgers created an unexpected glimmer of hope for the New York Red Bulls in the 2011 MLS season. The English journeyman was a force to be reckoned with in the MLS and his playing on the pitch has won over thousands of fans. He is immensely entertaining to watch and is the perfect complement to legend Thierry Henry. Only with Luke Rodgers do we feel we can win any Championship.

As a result of his play and off the pitch interaction with fans Luke Rodgers has added to the excitement of Harrison, New Jersey, which is an area that is in desperate need for rejuvenation. The success of the local rebuilding projects are tied in directly to the Red Bulls being successful and without Luke Rodgers we fear they will not have the added talent to do so. This will add to a decline in fan interest therefore, a loss of millions of dollars in revenue in an area that is much in need of cash flow.

Luke Rodgers is a shinning example of an individual that has come to the USA during his previous visa period and produced phenomenal results. He paid taxes on his wages, he gave back by becoming involved in local charity programs for underprivileged and ill children, ( http://www.starlight.org/mls ) and he never had any issue with the law.

This is very important, not only to his fans, but also his family Luke Rodgers has a young daughter and he is guaranteed a contract if he returns to the USA. Only in the USA can he be guaranteed the ability to support his young daughter and give her the care and life she deserves. Sign this and please distribute the petition. The link is here for the petition:
Luke Rodgers Petition

If you click the Congressional Action tab it will have ALL the contact information on the 11 main congressman and women we want to target since they are on the subcommittee that deals with immigration issues. However, it is equally as important to get your local Senator or Congressman involved. To get your Senator or House of Representative Email and Phone number please use this great tool here at : Contacting The Congress

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