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Change.Org Petition Changed!

26 Mar

Click the above link for the new petition that encourages the Front office of the New York Red Bulls to bring him back. Now I know there was some confusion but anyone in the world may sign. (The last one was aimed at the US Department of State). So sign, share, and keep your fingers crossed that we bring back the striker!

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Luke Rodgers Inks a Deal with Pompey

16 Aug

Portsmouth FC has signed a bulk of its trialists. One of which was a fan favorite here in New York. Luke Rodgers. It was announced on Portsmouth Website (Portsmouth News Page) That the feisty striker will be a new face among many others at Fratton. I want to say congrats to Luke as he starts off nice and fresh with a club that has great supporters and a fantastic history. Here is to hoping they get their finances in order!

Also, I would like to add a thank you to Luke Rodgers for suggesting New York Red Bulls to Lloyd Sam. It is said that Luke was raving about the club and our support so much Sam gave us a shot and tried out for us the past week. NY legend Mike Petke liked what he had seen so now Sam is now a New York Red Bull!

Luke Watch! The Spanish Trip

18 Jul

Well heres a little mention of Luke in this article : Luke Trialist with Pompey

Still on trial with Pompey in Málaga, Spain. When the news rolls in I’ll post it here. So don’t forget to follow this blog for updates on Luke!

Goodbye Mr. Rodgers…New York will miss You….for now…..

15 Jul

Well, with the signing of Sebastian LeToux and the clearing out of Luke’s locker it would seem like Red Bulls have given up hope of resigning him this season. However, there is still hope for the 2013 season. It would seem like Luke will play for an unknown English side until we can get a solid yes or no from Homeland Security about the striker’s status. We can only hope that Red Bull has not given up on a known commodity that pairs well with captain Henry. I have a “feeling” ::cough:: ::cough:: that we haven’t given up and will just wait it out as Luke continues his career in England. I want to take this space to wish Luke the best of luck and we plan on following him wherever he plays…from the fjords of Norway to the Pubs of England to the bums of New York City!

From Lillestrom with a scarf!

12 Jun

Hello fellow fans of the Luke Rodgers. I was able to strike up a friendship with someone from Lillestrom and I was sent this.

Pretty cool??? Not going to see this scarf among the streets of NYC/NJ.

Still Waiting

8 Jun

This is just a quick update.  The word is in and still no idea if Luke will come back.  It has been made known to us by the NY Red Bulls Head Coach Hans Backe that he wants the fiesty striker back but, we still have to be patient with the US Governmnet.

In Norway Luke is just staying fit…not much has changed.  he was hurt for a little while and he’s back now.  It’d be nice to see him score some goals there with all the bad luck and injuries Lillestrom has but things seem to not be going the Englishman’s way.

 Playing alongside Henry creates a lot of chances and Luke was able to capitalize on them wonderfully.  We sold our young prospect, Juan Agudelo to Chivas USA for a solid defender.  It was a great trade and this leads me to suggest things might be looking good for Luke…well hopefully.  This is 100% conjecture.  However, if Henry or cooper become hurt or both at the same time we have no good striker to fill in.  We now only have 2 solid , good strikers in Kenny Cooper, who is leading the MLS in goals, and Henry who is in the number 2 spot even with missing several games recently.


Hope Luke returns soon.  I’ll keep you updated if there is any change.



Lillestrøm Falls to Strømsgodset 0-1

29 Apr

Well the title really says it all. We lost 0-1. We are second to last place with only 3 points. Nobody is scoring regularly. We are missing open nets and easy chances. We could have easily won 2-1 if not more. Luke played the final 45 minutes. He rode the offside line waiting for balls from the back or midfield only to receive none of those. Kippe our Captain is being reported as saying. “”It’s not much fun playing football just now.” Talk about a melancholy attitude! A Captain must build confidence with his team..not complain about not having “fun”. Maybe I am being too hard, but I don’t think so. It is never acceptable for a club such as this to be in relegation danger. The supporters need to jump on this and push this club. Show them you expect a winning club and this nonsense is not allowed.
Skjetten is our this Tuesday for round one of Norgesmesterskapet i fotball for herrer or Cupen. They are a fourth tier club and we should easily blow by them. What I am hoping is to see Luke Rodgers get more pitch time. We need a spark and where better to get it than Mr. Spark Plug himself? I understand Tuesday is a throw away game against amateurs. However, maybe that is what we need? Go back to the drawing board and try something different against them and experiment a little.
I know some of the supporters in Norway through conversations and you are a tough bunch. I know you will not stand for this! I know you will ride these players until they show they deserve the support of such loyal fans. I wish I was in your wonderful country right now. I’d help all I could!
On to Tuesday’s Cupen game…..and let us go in and take this game as we deserve. Mentioned By NY Times and quick Update about Luke’s Last Game.

13 Apr

I’d like to thank Kristan Heneage from the New York Times Soccer blog, Goal, for mentioning this site in a great article about Luke Rodgers. You can read the full article titled Luke Rodgers Isn’t Giving Up

There really isn’t much to tell since the last post. We all are aware that Luke’s intentions are to stay fit in Lillestrom so he can make a return hopefully this summer in full match condition. However, the only thing stopping him is our own government. Please click the link on the side of the page to sign Luke’s petition. The more that sign will show immigration authorities ties to the USA. Also, please go to the Congressional Action tab and nicely bother the elected officials to look into the case. I listed all their contact information and if you scroll down to the bottom I illustrated the ways to go about it and even wrote out a template e-mail you can utilize.

As far as Luke’s performance in Norway is concerned there is little to report. April 9th Lillestrom was beaten by the small club Odd Genland from Skien, Norway 2-0. Luke Rodgers came into the game as a substitute in the last 20 minutes of the match and could not find the back of the net. However, Lillestrom and Luke are looking to bounce back against rivals Vålerenga from Oslo. The derby will take place 4/15 at 2pm EST at home. This is a huge match as the two teams are fierce rivals. It will be intense so I advise you to watch and see how Luke reacts to the atmosphere. I am sure it will be passionate and entertaining. The clubs absolutely despise one another. I will post the stream an hour before the game starts here. It will be accessible for US and most other countries IP addresses.

Luke Rodgers Plans to Come Back to New York

2 Apr

Luke Rodgers scored his first goal in a Lillestrom Kit after minutes being subbed into the match against the mighty Rosenborg. It looked as if he scored the game winner but 2 points were ripped from Lillestrom after a brilliant strike by the Rosenborg captain, Mikael Dorsin. Yet, it was a small victory for Lillestom and Luke Rodgers. They tied a great club, only to prove that are on the same level as Rosenborg, and showcased the work-rate of our favorite striker, Luke Rodgers.
After the game Luke Rodgers said this,”If possible, I hope to return to New York. I like it so far in Lillestrøm, but that’s the plan.”( you can read the full article Titled “I am not a Troublemaker” here I am Not a Troublemaker

We all hope to see you back in New York Luke. I cant even imagine what a 4-3-3 would look like with Cooper, Henry , and Rodgers up front. With just Henry and Cooper we were able to score 9 goals in the last two matches, with Luke you can add 2-3 more! It would be an offensive powerhouse the likes that never has been seen in the MLS.
After looking at the Lillestom message boards the fans are really taking a liking to Luke. I’d like to personally thank Superstefan from the Kanarifansen Lillestrøms forum for linking this site to the forum. With the help of my grandfather teaching me how to read Norweigian when I was a kid and Google translate I was able to decipher the outpouring of support from the Lillestrom fans.
As we await the inane answer from the Department of Homeland Security to clear Luke Rodgers he will be in Norway hopefully helping Lillestrom reach the top of the table and maybe even win a cup. The fans there are giving him the support he deserves. They are a classy bunch and I am glad we may have a good relationship with Lillestrom for future loan and player deals. It is always good to develop a bond with other clubs around the world for unforeseen issues just like the issue we have with Luke Rodgers.

Luke Rodgers New Look

1 Apr

Introducing Lillestrom’s newest striker Luke Rodgers!

Lillestrom is set to play Rosenborg BK today April 1st. (No, if you haven’t been keeping up with the developments this isn’t an April’s Fools joke! Luke really somehow was’t able to attain his Visa..yet easily got into Norway…..:::sigh:::)

Lets give Luke our full support and hope he bags a Hat Trick. Show them what you can do Luke! Luke, Luke , Luke Rodgers! Luke , Luke, Luke Rodgers!

Today at Red Bull Arena there wasn’t only a thrashing of the leagues newest team, Montreal Impact, the supporters had a nice tribute to the fan favorite. During minute 9 ( his Red Bull jersey number) we did a few of the old Cheers for Luke and even sang “There’s only one Luke Rodgers” to start it off. Luke Rodgers banners were still everywhere and his favorite Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood was even up.

Ill post Results from the game here.


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