Luke Rodgers Trialist for Portsmouth in England’s nPower League 1

16 Jul

Well it seems the feisty striker is in Spain getting ready for the League 1 season.  He is on trial with Pompey.  It would seem England has taken notice when he was here in the MLS and believe that the he has something to offer them. If it wasn’t for a ten point deduction due to financial reasons,( more info here : ) the club would still be in the Championship league, which is the league right under England’s EPL. It wasn’t long ago they were playing in Europe. The fall of Pompey is outside the realm of normality in England, however, it has happened to other clubs in recent times and is still tragic. The players put in a lot of effort, the fans supported them through thick and thin. They are then rewarded with relegation and stuck in the bottom half of English league football.
I have seen Luke play and if you want a spark to help you come back to former glory then Luke’s your man.

England’s League 1 is a very physical League and seems to fit Luke’s style of play. I said it before even though it is the third tier in England’s football pyramid, it is a better league than most top European Leagues in some countries and certainly better than most Second tier European Leagues. (exceptions of some clubs in Germany, Italy France, and Spain) It is a huge possibly for them to get promoted. If I was a betting man I’d say they will.  I say good for you Luke.  I hope you do well and make the squad.  Will continue with updates as the time rolls on.

 Story can be found here:

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