Lillestrøm Falls to Strømsgodset 0-1

29 Apr

Well the title really says it all. We lost 0-1. We are second to last place with only 3 points. Nobody is scoring regularly. We are missing open nets and easy chances. We could have easily won 2-1 if not more. Luke played the final 45 minutes. He rode the offside line waiting for balls from the back or midfield only to receive none of those. Kippe our Captain is being reported as saying. “”It’s not much fun playing football just now.” Talk about a melancholy attitude! A Captain must build confidence with his team..not complain about not having “fun”. Maybe I am being too hard, but I don’t think so. It is never acceptable for a club such as this to be in relegation danger. The supporters need to jump on this and push this club. Show them you expect a winning club and this nonsense is not allowed.
Skjetten is our this Tuesday for round one of Norgesmesterskapet i fotball for herrer or Cupen. They are a fourth tier club and we should easily blow by them. What I am hoping is to see Luke Rodgers get more pitch time. We need a spark and where better to get it than Mr. Spark Plug himself? I understand Tuesday is a throw away game against amateurs. However, maybe that is what we need? Go back to the drawing board and try something different against them and experiment a little.
I know some of the supporters in Norway through conversations and you are a tough bunch. I know you will not stand for this! I know you will ride these players until they show they deserve the support of such loyal fans. I wish I was in your wonderful country right now. I’d help all I could!
On to Tuesday’s Cupen game…..and let us go in and take this game as we deserve.

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