Lillestom Supporters, Kanarifansen, getting ready for Derby! (Plus a thank you to my new found pals from Norway!)

15 Apr

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to my new Norwegian pal Trygve Lie. He has been helping me navigate the waters of Norwegian Football which has been a lot easier with his assistance. I already had a basic knowledge of the players and the teams but since he is a Lillestrom supporter and has a vast amount of knowledge about football in Norway it makes my duty of relaying this information to you a lot more fun to do and a much simpler task.
Also, Once again a big thank you goes out to Superstefan from the Kanarifansen Lillestrøms forum for sending me the link to the below video of the supporters getting ready for the game today. Video was recorded yesterday 4/14.

As I stated in the prior post, the match is on at 8pm or 2pm EST and will be taking place at home in Åråsen Stadion. To my fellow fans of American soccer our oldest soccer stadiums in the MLS aren’t even 15 years old.( Before you jump down my throat, I understand we have several almost at the century mark mostly used for PDL and that sort, but none in the top level of soccer here…I believe Columbus holds the honor opening up in 1999) Åråsen Stadion was founded in 1917! It is a fantastic tradition to become a part of for those Eliteserien virgins. Plus you get to see it at its highest level of passion and desire in the derby taking place only hours from now. To the footy purists out there I truly believe you will enjoy this match if you have never viewed an Eliteserien game before. To the naysayers that like soccer I say, just check it out. Who knows? Maybe your next Football Manager team will be a Norwegian one after this! If you could be bothered with any of those points you get to see Luke Rodgers, ’nuff said.

I will have the stream link here so you may view it. This is a big match and it is the biggest rivalry (in my opinion) in Norwegian sports. There is so much hatred between the two clubs…a long and storied history of bad blood that would take me too long to write about. ( You get the point, its a big deal..lots of passion!) See you at the game!

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2 Responses to “Lillestom Supporters, Kanarifansen, getting ready for Derby! (Plus a thank you to my new found pals from Norway!)”

  1. Marius Hojem Borge (@friskus92) April 25, 2012 at 11:48 pm #

    Im from Norway and the passion and the joy i get from reading this is awsome! I love that you follow Lillestrøm! I will be following your blog. Cheers mate – Marius from Norway!

    • americansforlukerodgers April 26, 2012 at 4:01 am #

      Thanks Marius! I have had some help following the club from some of the Kanarifansen and other supporters from Norway. Just got a Lillestrøm scarf sent to me today! I proudly wore it around NYC while at work too. It is hard to get information about Eliteserien here so I try my best. Because Luke had such a loyal fanbase in New York City it has translated to support for Lillestrøm. I know several Americans that catch their games now every week besides myself and my family on the internet. Maybe I will start a American Lillestrøm Supporter group? Thank you for your support! GO Lillestrøm!!! Cheers!

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